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Republic of Belarus,

Polotsk, Suvorova str. 100

Hello, dear Guest!

  The Ltd company" Polotsk Berry" is a young company created in 2015 in Polotsk ,  Vitebsk region, Republic of Belarus.


  Primary activities of the company are preparation, purchase, processing, packing and realization of wild-growing, cultural berries and mushrooms, and also fruit and vegetable production both on domestic market and for export.


 Existence of own industrial complex and extensive procuring network allows specialists of the company to control quality of production at all stages : from purchase of raw materials before production of finished goods and its packing.

   The favorable arrangement of industrial complex of Ltd company" Polotsk Berry" in the environmentally friendly area consisting mostly of the extensive forest territory and observance of technology of freezing and processing allows to offer buyers the frozen berries and mushrooms are kept all the useful properties.

   The staff of the company of Ltd company" Polotsk Berry" is a purposeful and responsible team, extremely attentive to requirements of the client.

  The fundamental principles of the company of Ltd company" Polotsk Berry" are the reputation, success and aspiration to development.


Main objectives of the company of Ltd company" Polotsk Berry":

- production of high-quality and competitive production

- the long-term cooperation based on honesty and openness

- extension of the assortment list of production






The company”Polotsk Berry” is glad to offer You my cooperation!



Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region,

211415  Polotsk, 100 ,Suvorova str.


+375(29) 665-31-00

+375(29) 587-68-14